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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas in Goa

Christmas in Goa - Christmas in Goa is the most important festivals celebrated with much enthusiasm. Like all other parts of the world, Christmas in Goa is held on 25 December. The day marks the birth of Lord Jesus. The festival is marked with much feasting and merriment. People from all communities of Goa join hands to celebrate the festival. Moreover, Goa Christmas parties begin with the song carols, followed by prayers in the church and the exchange of gifts.

It is the season when nature, this land of golden sand (Goa), and the sources of life to fall like withered leaves only the doors to open the largest of all the festivals in Goa. Yes, it is the feast that is the birth of the Lord Jesus on the 25th December of each year, marks at Christmas, when all people the exotic fiesta celebrations and parties, which is the music of the waves, sea, sun and Santa to collect enjoy! Christmas in Goa is no less an opportunity to wake up at all state in an unprecedented enthusiasm and zest for life.
Christmas in Goa
Christmas is celebrated everywhere with people of all faiths and highlighted a number of festivals and colorful moments. Churches in Goa are decorated with colored lights and paper, and the atmosphere should be created the fragrance of candles illuminated a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Dancing and celebrations are an inevitable part of Christmas in Goa. During the festival, people dress in the city itself to the best of their clothes. People decorate their homes with Christmas trees. Christmas trees are decorated with beautiful things, like candy, twinkling stars, cotton, cereals, cakes, socks, gifts and a host of other decorative items. Decorate the Christmas season, the Goans in their homes with colorful paper and poinsettias. Even the churches decorated for the occasion. The positions of the market in the city are decorated with tinsel and buntings.

It is worth noting that the celebration of Christmas in Goa is not limited to Christians. People belonging to different communities to participate in the festival with great enthusiasm. In fact, every city seems alive with the festivities. The beaches of Goa is the center of events in this period. Loud music, dancing and feasting mark the celebrations of bats with luxurious dishes of Christmas in Goa.

Partying, dancing and drinking are part of the festival and all the inhabitants of Goa and tourists to participate in the whole heart. Throbbing in the night songs that eventually turn into a trance and hip-hop. The place is decorated with ribbons and Christmas trees with twinkling stars, snow, cakes and sweets. Goans dressed in the finest clothing and gifts are exchanged between loved ones all. The market is crowded with people and Santa greets customers, particularly children with gifts. It's fun and frolic time in Goa, and everyone seeks the thrill of the season to experience. Christmas in Goa not to be missed!

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